Welcome to Whispering Rain Farm

Whispering Rain Farm consists of 18 acres, some of which are wooded. There are 3 large pastures that the horses are rotated in. The farm has an indoor and an outdoor riding arena. The indoor is 60 x 100 and the outdoor is 130 x 130. Whispering Rain Farms offers a full care boarding facility. Horses are fed twice daily and turned out for an average of 8 hours each day.

The barn has a total of 19 stalls. A cross-tie area can be found in the main barn and also an outside wash rack. If you would like to relax there is a heated and air-conditioned lounge. Tack lockers are supplied. You can find everything you need here, especially peace and quiet.


Meet our trainer: Wendy Guendelsberger


Whispering Rain Farm is excited to welcome Wendy Guendelsberger to our staff. Kim and Wendy are very enthusiastic about working together to develop a comprehensive riding program here at the farm.

Wendy is an experienced and knowledgeable horse woman. She earned her B.S. Degree in Equine Science from Delaware Valley College and has been certified as an instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). Wendy has been riding since childhood and has been working within the equine industry for 20+ years.

Wendy teaches beginner through intermediate riders of all ages. She bases her lesson plans on the CHA model and follows the 'classical training scale' to systematically develop her students' skills.

As a Dressage rider and trainer, Wendy is well-versed in the basic skills of good riding. These basic skills can be identified in all good riders, no matter the style or discipline. Wendy strives to instill a solid foundation of these basic skills in her students so that they are able to become successful and empathetic riders, whatever their choice of discipline.

Wendy's approach to teaching is positive, supportive and fun! She believes that riding should be a positive experience for both horse and rider. Safety and rider progress determine the pace of the student's lessons. Relaxation, one of the cornerstones of good riding and training, is often overlooked in the race to a ribbon and or bragging rights.

Wendy is a Mom of 5 children, 4 horses and various other 'fur-babies'. She enjoys family time, riding her 2 project horses, playing guitar, and painting ( horses, of course).


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